Wednesday, January 12, 2011

For the very first time i have attempted writing in english..

the two lines of this poem i had in dream last night ..

from those two lines i developed this poem...

please give ur views...and please be very straight forward..

The Camel and The Horse

were on the way.

On a dusty road

they had a play.

They had a chase

the swiftest to declare.

And they ran

Like the stormy air.

But the horse went

far and far

The camel looked like

lost in war.

He looked a high

in the skies.

he had a plea

in his eyes.

Oh teacher teacher,

tell me the course.

which will make me

like a horse.

In the desert,

they met again.

The camel seeked

to vanish the pain.

They had a chase

to clear the doubt.

and now the camel,

the last to shout.

He was the winner.

He realized the gift.

In every track,

no one is swift.

Ravinder Jahangir


10:00 am

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